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Billy Cooper

As I am now approaching the end of my 2 year incumbency I have a lot of people to thank for their help and support but there are too many to list here.  I will however cover this off at my final meeting in April as President of Fife Referee Association.

Well it really has been a whirlwind 2 years and it is hard to believe it was almost 2 years back when I stood up and gave my first very nervous speech to the membership (anyone who was there I am sure will not forget it!).

The past 2 years has been a time of change in the association, some for the better some not but I truly believe we are in a better place at the moment and that is down to the hard work of your Council Members and a few people out-with Council who have been happy to help where and when possible. 

A special mention here for Ricky Smith as Association Manager as he has gone through a lot of the aforementioned with me.

As we enter these uncertain times of whether we will still be Fife Referee Association or not, I can tell you that we will be here for at least the forthcoming season.   This may change but it is unlikely at the moment.

A quick mention to some referees who I as President and Fife Association as a whole can be very proud of.  Willie Conquer who has been appointed to some very high profile games in Europe culminating now in a Euro Quarter Final appointment.  It has always brought a smile to my face to see these appointments come through during my presidency.  To David McGeachie with his rise to fame joining the European list of Specialist Assistants following in the footsteps of the likes of Stuart Macaulay and Willie.  I also have the lasting memory of a young referee being promoted to 2 Development during my time, well done Scott Lambie and finally to what I think has been the biggest highlight on a refereeing front and my time as presidency in Lorraine Clark being the first women referee in Scotland to be promoted to 2 Development, a fantastic achievement and well deserved for the hard work and effort Lorraine has put in and an example to us all. 

These are just some of the highlights I have shared with some of your colleagues whilst I was President. 

To all the aforementioned people and to all the members, I hope you can all continue to strive forward with your careers in refereeing and David can gain and understand some of the pleasure I have taken from these appointments and more.

Now that I have mentioned David, some of my final words for here must go to him.  David McGeachie who will be taking over the reins of presidency come April I know will make a fantastic President for Fife Referee Association.  David is a well-balanced individual who I know will continue with the good work that has gone before by all the past presidents and will continue to take the association forward helping to promote the Association itself and its referees.  David please remember I am always available to attend any FREE dinner dances (A&P RA is always good shout for me!)

Finally (definitely this time!) a big thank you to all members who have helped and supported Fife Referee Association whilst I have had the pleasure of being President and it has been a huge honour!

I wish all the best to David and the forthcoming Council for the new season and wish every success to the past and present membership of Fife Referee Association.

Your President

Billy Cooper

Billy can be contacted by e-mail :- president@fifereferees.co.uk
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